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STTE is designing our next interactive science fair book to educate students about climate change solutions. The book will feature immersive augmented reality student projects, youtube news, and fun quizzes. We will print books on 100% recyclable materials, get books published, and distribute them to school libraries. You can reserve your copy below.

About ARSF

The Augmented Reality Science Fair (ARSF) World Climate Change Challenge is a first-of-its-kind model that complements the traditional science fair model by introducing augmented reality to student STEM research and focuses on climate change innovations. 

ARSF introduces elementary, middle and high school students to new technologies, supports STEM education learning, and showcases innovative EdTech solutions to global challenges raised by climate change. Winners will be published in the first-ever augmented reality climate change solution book.

Climate Change Tracks

ARSF World offers students three tracks to choose from and teams must select only ONE track to compete. The tracks include Environmental Sustainability, Digital Literacy and Inclusion, and Future of Smart Cities. How we engage, influence, and impact youth to pursue STEM pathways is critical to our global success.

Select the tab below to learn more about each track.

Design AR Scenes

We recommend teams to use Assemblr as the main AR content creation platform to design their AR projects. However, teams are also allowed to use other AR content creation platforms AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT REQUIRE AN APP TO ACCESS OR VIEW SCENE, the platform must be fully web interface).

When submitting your final projects, we require a QR code that deep links to your AR Scene.

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The team at produced a news show on climate change in a revolutionary new format that will change the way news is delivered.  Take five minutes and watch how climate change is impacting the earth and what habits you can do to help make a difference in the world.


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